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Introducing Delta-8-THC: A potent Delta-9-THC substitute

D8 vs D9 vs CBD

Ali Feb 02, 2021

Cannabis is the gift that keeps on giving. Delta-8-THC (D8) is one of its newest gifts – and one of the most beneficial cannabinoid extracts. It is one of the lesser-known hemp extracts, but it is proving to be one of the most popular. Here is everything you need to know about your new favorite Delta-9-THC substitute. 

What is Delta-8-THC? 

Delta-8-THC is one of the cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. It is described as an analog of Delta-9-THC by the National Cancer Institute. 

D8 has a range of neuroprotective, analgesic, antiemetic, and anxiolytic benefits. These benefits may include relief from pain, nausea, and inflammation, according to the National Cancer Institute. It can also help improve your appetite. Most importantly, it offers relief from stress and can potentially treat long-term depression. 

D8 also has psychoactive properties similar to Delta-9-THC. To this end, it elicits a high that is mildly similar to Delta-9-THC while also helping manage psychotic conditions such as anxiety, stress, and depression. 

How is Delta-8-THC different from Delta-9-THC? 

The main difference between D8 and Delta-9-THC lies in potency: both cannabinoids are potent, but D8 is less potent than Delta-9-THC. While Delta-9-THC is highly potent and will get you high, the downside is that its psychoactive effects can get extreme, causing negative effects such as anxiety, dizziness, headaches, and paranoia. 

In contrast, D8 may make you feel high, but without the extreme psychoactive effects. Granted: it can take about twice as long to achieve the high, but you don’t have to worry about anxiety, paranoia, and the other negative effects of Delta-9-THC. What’s more, Delta-9-THC doesn’t have as many health benefits as D8 – for example, D8 may help ease anxiety, while Delta-9-THC can potentially amplify it. 

Both D8 and Delta-9-THC also have double bonds (hence the designation Delta), but these bonds are located within different carbons on both cannabinoids’ carbon chains. The double bond in D8 is located within the eighth carbon, while Delta-9-THC’s double bond is located within the ninth carbon. These bonds also bind differently with your receptors: D8 binds with both CB1 and CB2 receptors, while Delta-9-THC only bonds with the CB1 receptor. 

Is Delta-8-THC different from CBD? 

Yes, D8 is technically different from CBD, but they share a wide range of similarities. Again, the main difference comes down to potency: CBD is not potent and has no high, but D8 is mildly potent and gives a high mildly similar to Delta-9-THC. 

CBD and D8 share a wide range of similarities, as mentioned. These similarities include most of the health benefits associated with CBD. To this end, D8 is often recommended as a stronger version of CBD that is not as intense as Delta-9-THC – an almost perfect compromise of the two most popular cannabinoids. 

The Perfect Delta-9-THC Substitute 

The high you will get from Delta-8-THC is best described as calming and uplifting. It is a more serene experience from the potency of Delta-9-THC. 

D8 is also conveniently legal, unlike Delta-9-THC, which is highly regulated. D8 is classified in the same category as CBD, which is legal in most states. It contains less than 0.3% Delta-9-THC, which is acceptable under the 2018 Hemp Farm Bill. All our D8 products are approved by state and federal regulators, and they are of the highest quality. 


You Will Love It! 

D8 is still relatively new to the industry, but it is gaining popularity fast as more people realize its perfect blend of health and psychoactive benefits. We just rolled out a new line of D8 products, and we guarantee that they are of the best quality. Try our Delta-8-THC extract today for a calm and uplifting experience. 

Ali Feb 02, 2021

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