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What is Water-Soluble?

In water-soluble CBD formulations, the CBD is completely and evenly dispersed in water. Because the extracted form of cannabis is an oil, it is difficult for producers to integrate it into food and beverages. Our proprietary emulsion technology guarantees accurate, evenly distributed dosing, meaning the first sip contains the same amount of CBD as the last. This allows our customers to add our water-soluble products to any food or beverage, knowing they are getting the exact same milligrams of CBD every time. In addition, our formulations are stable, meaning the oil and water won’t separate out over time.

Our emulsion technology also allows the CBD to become more bioavailable. Research suggests that water-soluble CBD is more effective than oil-based equivalents because the body is able to absorb nearly all of the cannabinoids into the system when it’s presented in a water-based platform. As a result, our customers enjoy a rate of absorption that is proven to be up to 16x faster when directly compared to an oil-based product.

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Why Cedar Wellness?

At Cedar Wellness, we use the most consistent, stable, and safe water-soluble solution for integrating CBD and hemp into commercially available products. Using emulsion technology, we encapsulate the cannabinoids, which allows for greater absorption and extremely rapid onset, commonly felt within 10-20 minutes.

Our R&D team develops signature formulations that achieve a desired flavor, aroma, or effect to complement each product. This versatility allows you to control the sensory aspects from zero cannabis taste or smell using a CBD isolate, to the terpene-rich flavors of a broad spectrum. We take a clean label approach, using safe, vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients that are commonly found and widely accepted in the food and beverage industry.

Our Quality Assurance team and third-party lab testing exceed industry safety standards, ensuring that there are no microbials, heavy metals, pesticides, or residual solvents in our formulations. On top of guaranteeing safety, we make certain that the amount of CBD on the label is exactly the same amount of CBD contained in the product. Finished products remain stable for well over a year, meaning the water-based formulation and the CBD oil molecules suspended within it will not separate out over long periods of time. Even distribution, combined with 12-month stability, allows for highly accurate dosing. When you choose Cedar Wellness you can trust that you are purchasing the most premium water-soluble products on the market.



Understanding Dosing

There is a lot to consider when asking yourself, “What is the optimal dose of CBD?” With so many different products on the market and so much variability from person to person, there is no one-size-fits-all dosing regimen. How much CBD you should take also depends on the formulation and method of delivery. For water-soluble CBD products that are being ingested orally, we recommend starting low and increasing your dose slowly. Water-soluble products have a faster onset than oil-based products, meaning the CBD will get to your bloodstream up to 16x faster than it would if you were taking an oil tincture, for instance. This allows you to feel the effects of the CBD quicker and evaluate whether you need more CBD to achieve your desired results. Water-soluble CBD also has higher bioavailability than oil-based products. This means that you can take a lower dose of a water-soluble formulation and feel the same results as you would if you were to take a higher dose of oil-based CBD. 

We recommend that you document your baseline before you start taking water-soluble CBD products to help monitor how you feel. Keep a log and track your progress daily, and consider using a rating scale to record your progress. Although there is little evidence of drug interactions with CBD, it can interfere with the effectiveness of certain prescription drugs. CBD and grapefruit, for instance, both inhibit cytochrome p450. If any medication you are taking comes with a “do not consume with grapefruit” disclaimer, you may want to consult your physician. 

I love how easy it is to use. I just add it to my morning coffee and I don't even taste it!
Taylor M.
add the water soluble CBD to my protein smoothie and within 30 minutes I feel the effects of it. It's a life saver for people who exercise regularly!
Tiffany F.
I’ve used CBD tinctures and oils before but after trying this water-soluble CBD drink mix, i’ll never go back.
Michael W.
When I tried other CBD products, there have been times where I haven't felt anything and that's frustrating. When I use this, I can feel it right away. That shows me I know I am getting what I paid for.
Drew R.
The water-soluble CBD Drink Mix is amazing! By far my favorite CBD product I've ever tried. Within minutes of taking it, I feel so much more relaxed and at ease.
Maya T.

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